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In this three-course certificate program, you'll explore the technical principles and creative skills required to complete professional sound projects. We'll. This Music Production and Sound Engineering degree is aimed primarily at people who see themselves as producers or engineers and want to focus on studio-based. In Recording Connection audio engineering course lesson 2 you will explore basic electronics. Did you ever stop to think about what is happening when you.

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Your training at SPC includes courses in Apple Mac foundations, digital audio workstations, sound, acoustics, studio recording, critical listening, and live. Our Audio Engineering course offers an in-depth training in all the key aspects of professional audio engineering, covering a wide range of skills. Develop an advanced technical understanding of all aspects of sound engineering and music production techniques, as you become proficient in using.

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Our Audio Engineering module is great fun. Taught in classes of no more than 8 people, over 6 months we cover a lot of ground in a hands-on way – both in. Through our MIDI and Audio Engineering classes, you'll learn all about multiple DAW environments, mixing and mastering techniques, signal processing. High School Students · Apply sound and digital recording techniques using industry equipment and software · Introduce concepts of live sound techniques and.