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Register with HMRC: · Get your Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) number: · Use your activation code for your Government Gateway account: · Complete your account. Log in to your account – using your Government Gateway user ID and navigate to the “file your self assessment” page. You only have to input your UTR number once. Sign the Tax Return on the final page (if you're completing it on paper). · If you want to complete your tax return online by the end of January, you must.

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Your income tax return and self-assessment is to include all the income that you are required by law to declare as well as any allowable deductions in. You cannot file a Self Assessment tax return online: Use commercial software or download other forms instead. If you're sending a tax return for the to. How you get into your tax return online for the first time will depend on a couple of factors; if you have previously registered for Self-Assessment with HMRC.

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2. Completing and filing a Self Assessment tax return Taxpayers can complete and file their Self Assessment tax return online via the HMRC website or by using. If you want to submit your Self Assessment form online, you'll then need to set up a Government Gateway account. To do this, follow the instructions in the. You'll need to go into your self-assessment account, through your Government Gateway account. Because you filed your return online, you already have your.